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91.7 ABC Gold Coast - Pond Magic on Radio - featured Book of the Month - in conversation with Nicole Dyer and one guest reader/reviewer for the March Book Club, 2011.

612 ABC Brisbane – Live Interview on 'Mornings' with Steve Austin – celebrating the release of Snap Magic. 2014.  


91.7 ABC Gold Coast – Book Week Radio Interview  2019

Interview with The Courier Mail, Brisbane,

re the international SCBWI Inside Story event

of which I was the organiser. 2013.



'Five Things I'm Grateful For, on Dr Anita Heiss' blog here


'The Write-a-Book-in-a-Day challenge', interview on Kids Book Review here.


'Getting Published for the First Time', interviewed by Sally Murphy here


'What Girls Read', interviewed by Catriona Hoy here


'The Aussie Chomps Format', interview on Kids Book Review here


'Developing a Character', interviewed by Dale Harcombe here


'Where Story Ideas Come From', interview on Boomerang Books Blog here


'Using Fairytale Elements in Writing', in conversation with Sheryl Gwyther here


'The Fairytale Formula', in conversation with Sheryl Gwyther here


'After lights Out', interview on the Alphabet Soup blog here


'Promoting Your First Book', interview on Tales I Tell here


'Trade vs Independent Publishing', interview on Kids' Book Review here


'Themes and Messages in Story Writing', interviewed by Robyn Opie here


'Writing Habits', interviewed by Alison Reynolds here


'Story vs Character', interview on From Hook to Book here


'Doodles and Drafts', interview on Boomerang Books Blog here


'Tips on Writing a Sequel', interview on Deescribe Writing blog here


'Advice on Independent Publishing', interviewed by Sheryl Gwyther here

'Writing a Book That's Fewer Than 12,000 Words', interview on Tuesday Writing Tips here







Live on ABC 91.7 radio at the Literati Festival,

Gold Coast, 2012.

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