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Snap Magic

Snap Magic

Something weird is going on...very weird.

Long black hairs keep sprouting from Lily’s chin and her dad is looking more and more like a Yeti. Just what’s behind this fuzz fest? And is Lily really turning into a witch like her neighbour, Mrs Swan?

Now the prettiest and meanest girl in class is threatening to tell the whole school, including the cute new boy. Can Lily put her desperate plan into action before the school bully strikes? And will the magical solution Mrs Swan offers work?

After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


A bewitchingly funny coming-of-age story about secrets, bullies and pumpkin soup.


Editor: Catherine McCredie (Penguin / Allen & Unwin)

Illustrator: Angela Sunde

Book Design: Book Cover Cafe


ISBN: 978-0-9925753-0-4 Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9925753-1-1 E-book

Publisher: Red Pedal Press

Distribution: Symons Educational SuppliesIngram Content, ALS, Peter Pal, James Bennett

LISTEN to Angela reading Chapter 1 of Snap Magic

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"Told in easy to read short chapters, Snap Magic is perfect for tween girls. Lily is a feisty character who refuses to be defeated by the troubles and challenges thrown at her. Even magical ones. With the help of her best friend, Maureen, she faces them all.

"While Snap Magic deals with mature themes such as bullying, trust, friend and parent relationships, developing adolescence, and preoccupation with physical appearance, it does this with gentle and sensitive age-appropriate humour. This book could be a starting point for first mother-daughter discussions." Read more.

Stories are Light – Sandy Fussell

"Angela Sunde really knows how to raise the stakes and put her characters in seemingly impossible situations.


"As well as being full of tension and excitement, there’s also fabulous humour in this book, and the situations and characters are very authentic...

"There are many cringe-worthy moments where the reader is kept on tenterhooks wondering how Lily will escape ultimate embarrassment...

"Lily is an endearing, not-quite-perfect character and readers aged 9 to 12 will be able to form a strong connection with her."

Read more

DeeScribe Writing – Dee White


"Snap Magic is a book young girls and boys will instantly warm to. Angela Sunde has magicked a spellbinding story that showers readers with more sparkling moments of silliness than there are hairs on a yeti’s chin, which by the end of the story, are many.

"With gossamer-fine references to Cinderella floating throughout, Snap Magic reinvents the twist in twisted fairy tales with frequently funny injections of parody. Nothing escapes Sunde’s wickedly wacky observation of our humble suburban lives: snap and store party plans, frozen bras and spectral pumpkin soup; it’s all there to be snapped up, now." Read more

Dim's Write Stuff – Dimity Powell

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