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“Personally I would highly recommend Angela for any talks or workshops for any age group, she is interesting passionate and inspiring. One of the participants commented to me by saying “she’s excellent, I could listen to her all day”, this was a sentiment shared by most of the participants, I know we will be looking at having her back here to run some workshops at some stage.

"Everyone here was thrilled with the effort, care and attention shown by Angela in the judging process, presentation at the awards event and workshop the following morning.

Angela provided the audience with a passionately entertaining judges report and spent time afterward talking to entrants individually. The next day there was a good crowd of eager participants including some school students given time out from school because they were so impressed with Angela the evening before. I think Angela is one of the best judges we have ever had to judge our writers competitions…I know everyone appreciated the effort she went to…" 

Lynne Alsop, City Librarian, Gympie Regional Libraries – Gympie Region Literary Awards

“Thanks for the incredible events and words from your work as Judge and talk… Your words and very essence as a human being has changed me. "You will be the same person in 10 years except for the people you meet and the books you read," has never been truer since the Gympie Literary Awards. I have re-evaluated my manuscript… Thanks for being who you are... and... Fifteen out of Ten for your work as Judge and comments the next day.”

Dennis Randall, adult workshop attendee, Gympie Region Literary Awards



“Angela was so engaging and generous with students. Students and teachers alike came out singing her praises and were grateful for the time spent in her workshops. Our Year 5/6 students even ignored the bell (a Herculian feat) to continue their session into their lunch break. Such a good communicator.”

Lee Menzel, teacher-librarian, Our lady of the Way Primary School, Brisbane


“I would just like to thank you for visiting our school and sharing your knowledge and expertise with my students. We have been working on book reviews and in particular visual literacy…The students were so engaged and upon returning to class continued to make connections with their book review and visual literacy knowledge and your presentation from an illustrator's perspective. Some of these comments included "Oh it makes so much sense now!" They also requested some time to create their own children's book and happily set about getting their ideas on paper. As a result I have amended my planning to include creating their own children's book and reviewing each other's work. So thank you once again for an inspiring visit.”

Louise Brook, teacher, Our Lady of the Way Primary School, Brisbane


“We appreciated having you work with our students for the day. I have spoken to many of the students and they had a wonderful day, they spoke about how much they learnt and several of our students have been talking about a picture book they are working on…You have sparked their interest in writing and illustrating…The students also appreciated your sense of humour in delivering your workshops. All the way home on the bus I kept hearing ‘Dun na na nar’ (excuse my interpretation of your story climax tune). Thank you for your time, effort and passion for writing and drawing that you shared with our students.”

Donna O’Keeffe, Deputy Principal (Acting), Morayfield East State School Writers Festival


“The students gave you raging reviews when I came back to work. I think the day was such a success we will definitely be looking at doing it again next year instead of the Brisbane trip. It was a lot more practical and educational for the students. You have sent a wave of hype through my Project groups as those that didn’t get to attend are now working to impress so they get their name on the list for next time!”

Michelle Alcorn, teacher, Morayfield East State School Writers Festival


“We really enjoyed having Angela visit us and work with the students during our Writers Camp. Angela really engaged the students and gave them plenty of inspiration as well as giving them practical advice that they could apply to their writing. She exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend Angela to other schools. She also took the time to find out what our needs were for our group of students and tailored her presentations to suit our requirements.”

Chloe McShanag, Leader for Enrichment teacher, Macgregor State School


Year 5 – “The students were engaged throughout the session. They all asked if we could write a story straight after.”

Year 6 – “Really enjoyable session. Students were engaged and enjoyed learning about new ways of writing and creating ideas.”

Donna Cutler, teacher-librarian, St. Mary's Primary School, Laidley 


“Most worthwhile, very enjoyable and practical.”

“Children really enjoyed it and very engaged – many were inspired to be an author when they grow up. Children now keep asking to read Angela’s book.”

“Angela was age appropriate and kept all the children engaged for the whole time!”

“The activity was great – drawing a character. Good behaviour management with such a large group of students.”

“Lots of worthwhile, practical and do-able strategies. The connections between illustration and story, leading to writing were excellent.”

“The programme was great. The art component was well structured.”

Various teachers, St. Mary’s Primary School, Ipswich




“Thank you for the wonderful 3 days you have given to such a lucky group of children. Sophie hasn't stopped talking about all the exciting things they have been creating, exploring, writing and drawing. Special times they will remember forever.”

Tanya Strom, parent, Expanding Horizons Enrichment Camp, Stanthorpe


“My daughter attended an enrichment camp that you spoke at. She was extremely impressed and learnt so much from you.”

Pauline Steinohrt, parent, Expanding Horizons Enrichment Camp, Stanthorpe


“I have been meaning to get in touch with you to tell you how much Emma enjoyed the Expanding Horizons Camp at Storm King Dam. Thank you!!!”

Tan Dee, parent, Expanding Horizons Enrichment Camp, Stanthorpe


VICTOR HARBOR R-7 SCHOOL - May Gibbs Writer/Illustrator in Residence


  • “Sincere thanks for all you did with our students. Pond Magic is still a very sought after book. Considering we have 12 copies, they do not get to go onto the shelf!” Margaret Wilkinson, teacher librarian, Victor Harbor R-7 School, SA.


  • “I highly recommend Angela to any school – fantastic! She has the ability to read the audience and maintain student and adult interest. You had to listen or you might miss out on something.” Deb, teacher, Victor Harbor.


  • “It was fun. I learnt how to create interesting characters.” Josh, student, Victor Harbor.


  • “Angela’s session appealed to all children of all ages and abilities. She was entertaining, funny, friendly and approachable.” Adrian, teacher, Victor Harbor.


  • “I found the group work mapping exercise interesting and engaging. All in the group contributed – well done!” Kelly, teacher, Victor Harbor.


  • “Excellent organisation and good use of voice – intonations. Angela was generous with her time, not only listening and answering questions from students but from staff as well.” Glenda, teacher, Victor Harbor.


  • “The children in my class loved having you visit. They were so engaged and couldn’t wait to draw the tree. You were so interesting and approachable. Thank you.” Andrea, teacher, Victor Harbor.



  • "Angela Sunde's presentation, Hooking the Reader, hooked me straight away when she said, 'People are time poor'. She has taken the basics of good writing and condensed them into four pages:- everything in between introducing the main or point of view character to ending on a hopeful note. 'Action, conflict and intrigue', she insists. In fact, there's everything you would find in a novel-length book on good writing in a well-pruned form. Her advice applies to all genres. None of us have time to read pages of examples and personal experiences of an author. I'll treasure my notes on her presentation and look forward to drip feeding them to my writing group." Joan Songaila* Gold Coast Writers Assn, convenor, short stories support group

REDLANDS CITY LIBRARIES Redlitzer Anthology - Author Mentorship Workshop


  • "I found your workshop very stimulating and fun. I loved the key exercise - was disappointed when you took it back, but they sounded like special keys! I'll be sure to pass on my appreciation of your work to the library staff. I thought you had just the right balance of information, activity and fun. I can't stand it when the conversation/presentation disintegrates into general chitchat too much, but you kept it reigned in... It was an absolute pleasure to meet you; I really enjoyed your energy." Maree S




  • "I attended your workshop because I have always had a desire to write.  My head has held onto so many stories and characters and I have not known what to do with them, until now. Since yesterday I find myself with exploding enthusiasm to the point I have just realised I forgot breakfast, which never happens. Everything I have kept for so long inside my head is now uncontrollably spewing out onto pages." Kim H


  • "Your workshop was informative, entertaining, and presented in such a professional manner with just enough humour to keep it flowing. A million thank yous." Lin J


  • "I have attended many workshops and classes on creative writing, but yours was 'spot on' in addressing children's picture books. Your storyboard workshop was particularly helpful." Renee T


  • "Having self-published, I would have loved to have this info prior to my experiences. She is a warm and friendly teacher and I enjoyed a fun day!" Colleen C


  • "A fun and interactively interesting day to help kick start my inner author. With so much information and handy hints to take home and get started. Thank you." Ingrid C


  • "What an amazing amount of info, but easily understood. Well presented and explained to a complete novice." Fran K


  • "Extremely informative. A real help with my project." Nicola T


  • "Very interesting and informative session. Fun and had a good time, got heaps of information on a lot of relevant things. Would have loved it to be a few days!" Emma F


  • "A really detailed workshop given with insight and humour. Much appreciated time spent." Joanna J


  • "Made me change perspective 100% in all aspects of a child’s book. Appreciate the efforts and learnt so much for myself to help me follow a passion of mine. I was very lost in which way to go and now I have confidence to go the next step in writing children’s books. Inspired to study more." Lisa L


  • "I found this workshop extremely informative, it has opened my eyes, inspired me and given me a sense of direction and a good guide towards writing and illustrating. Thank you for the passion and time." Fiona H


  • "So fantastic, fun, exciting. Love it and am so glad that I came! Can’t wait to get home and start creating." Rosalie H


  • "Absolutely amazing day – so much more than I thought was covered and so inspiring. I now just HAVE to write a children’s book! Angela gave us extremely detailed instructions and hints. I was bowled over by everything she imparted and shared with us. Thank you for such an inspiring day." Anne B


  • "It was a fascinating workshop in creating a children’s picture book. Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough time to absorb all of Angela’s extensive knowledge, ideas and experience. It was a detailed, clarifying and enjoyable workshop. Thank you." Lear H


  • "I just wanted to thank you, for all the hard work and the amount of material that was covered in today's workshop was incredible.

     The reason why I attended the workshop was due to curiosity and I never imagined the amount of blood, sweat and tears that
     goes into creating a children's picture book." Linda B


  • “I thought today was very informative and insightful. I didn’t realise until once the class was finished what you need to think about when illustrating and writing a book. I’ve walked away today with so much more appreciation for children’s books, more so than I ever did before. My brain is on overload with so much to think about. Thank you for an awesome day, you’ve helped me so much.” Lesley E.

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